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Duffy King: Press/Reviews

Duffy kicks his evening up starting off his set with some rock and impressive driving beats. His influences range from R&B and Funk to Jazz and Rock. They are clear and present in the sweep to sound and energy emulating from this seasoned musician and performer. Solid singing and magnificent guitar make it easy to see why his resume is so impressive. Duffy is also an incredible songwriter that has mastered the flow of storytelling. The performance leaves you energized and inspired to go home and pick up the guitar. It was truly an experience I will not forget anytime soon.
It is also great to hear the vocals from Alex Boye, who seems to be moving places really fast, while Orianthi, as always, is technically superb, without over-dominating the songs. Another standout performer is Duffy King who rips his electrifying six-string through some of the most wondrous pieces.Alan Hewitt has had the honor of working as Co-Producer alongside Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire (EWF) for over half a decade with EWF’s Greatest Hits album going platinum in 2000. His co-writing and piano/B-3 contributions on the platinum record Cherry Pie with Warrant solidified Hewitt as a musical talent. Besides being the keyboardist for legendary rock band The Moody Blues, and touring with them worldwide since 2010, Hewitt’s list of record production credits – as both a producer and recording artist – spans across various major labels and genres with over 12 million records sold.

alan-hewitt- as a solo artist, Hewitt draws from the diverse worlds of contemporary jazz, fusion, pop and rock. It was his 2004 release, Noche de Pasion, that marked his emergence on the instrumental scene, which was followed by his critically acclaimed 2006 release Metropolis. His newest CD, Alan Hewitt & One Nation “Evolution” is a fusion of rock, jazz an prog. Alan is featured on piano and keyboards and he is joined by JV Collier (Bruce Hornsby Noisemakers) Grammy winner, Sonny Emory (Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stanley Clark) Jamie Glaser (Anderson/Ponty Band, Chick Corea’s Electrik Band, Lenny White Band) guitarist Duffy King and also special guests Orianthi (Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper) and #1 YouTube Artist of the Year Alex Boye.
Rick Jamm - Jamsphere (Jun 2, 2015)
by Michael Ludwig

Duffy King's guitar has taken him around the world and back again, playing blues, jazz and R&B. Now he finds himself hard at work in his basement. His recent most recent colleague? None other than Tommy Lee.

King was one of thousands of musicians to submit tracks to A Public Disservice Announcement, the record released by Lee's band, Methods of Mayhem, this past September on Roadrunner/Loud and Proud Records.

"The angle that [Tommy Lee] came up with for the whole Methods of Mayhem record was basically a cattle call," says King. "I was actually interested in seeing how the whole process worked. Him in his L.A. studio and me working from my studio here in Detroit. That was really my goal."

Tommy Lee put out a call for submissions in October of '09 and placed his rough tracks online. Musicians would download the track, record their idea for a part, and send it back for consideration. The album was the first of its kind calling for contributions from musicians all over the world recording in their own personal studios.

King, who is normally a funk and blues guy, was told about the project by his wife and decided to try it. "I got into it not thinking about how deep I'd get into it. I sort of got sucked in and started really enjoying the whole process of the project, and I actually liked the songs I was working on."

King was one of the few chosen to be on the album. None of the musicians that submitted tracks knew if they made it until the album was released. King's guitar work is featured on the tracks "Only One" and "All I Wanna Do," and he'll get to play with Methods of Mayhem when they come through Detroit on tour.

King is currently working on a solo album, Find Our Way Home, which he hopes will be released in the spring of 2011. "It's definitely funky, bluesy rock," he says. "That's pretty much my thing." King says he enjoyed collaborating on the Methods of Mayhem project. "Let's face it," he says, "Tommy Lee is a pretty legendary rock guy." | RDW

For more info about Duffy King and his upcoming shows visit:

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I've seen Duffy play--not only is he a great musician, but an entertainer as well. He doesn't miss a beat when he's playing the guitar "with his teeth" or "behind his head".

His song "Rise Up" should have made Tommy Lee's album though!

Posted by jflare on October 22, 2010 at 1:08 PM | Report this comment

Duffy King is a LEGEND in his Home Town and it was a REAL Treat to see him tonight. He plays with a true passion and his licks are AMAZING. I'm very glad to know the Man and his Music. He is number ONE in my book. The whole town is behind him in all his adventures!!!

Charles David Stuart Trio Live

Another outstanding trio recording to add to the list (and this one being live to boot), with Charles David Stuart on drums and percussion, Duffy King on guitar, James Simonson on Bass and Mark Byerly on trumpet. Seven tracks, not to be missed.

"Solo Guitar Christmas"

(Excerpts of emails and internet posts, sent to Duffy King)Location:Newbury MA
CD arrived last week, I only just loaded it into itunes and listened to it by the tree and the fire. I REALLY sincerely and truly like it!! I was afraid that it would be dorky guitaristic tasteless crap (not you of course, but because so many things are, like much of my "merry axxmass" CD with vai and satriani et. al.; I hate when people buy me that kind of stuff). I am delighted that I liked your CD aesthetically immediately. It showed the heart that created it. You breathed new life into these tunes without being clever for the sake of it; the ballads were lovely, the "up" tunes were lively, always tasteful, just great. Some of my favorite tunes too. Good music, not just good guitar music. But speaking of guitar, nice arrangements, good voicings, nice ideas and cool stuff hidden in there, nice tone, nice articulation. You're a terrific player; but there's a person in there, a good heart and soul. So a pleasure to listen to, and I mean that. I'll listen to it every year.So it's good to hear a guy like you who can play well but doesn't make me get sleepy. Great job!

Bill W.

Location:MI Duffy, I saw you for the first time at Uptown Friday. Yea the guy that bought your CD. Well after ripping it open the second I got in the car I stopped calling myself a musician after seeing you perform and listening to your CD. You blew me away. Not to get mushy but you hold that axe like a man holds a beautiful woman, and you make her sing a beautiful tune. More so and more important, your Christmas Cd touched my heart so deeply it finally got me in the Christmas spirit. Its when a man can touch another human being in the very place a heart beats that makes him special and for me your playin' and your CD did just that. Sir you are something very special and I hope you find joy that your music is just not something to listen to but touched another human beings heart! I will promote you to know end and will buy your CD's. You can "feel" the music on that Christmas CD.........incredible. I love that genre' of playing..........your mother should be so proud. I went to rehearsal the next day and said guys you need to hear have more fans coming!

Merry Christmas and God Bless you Duffy King!
David F

Location: New Jersey
"Duffy Is King!! Christmas Cd!!
I just recieved Duffy Kings solo X mas guitar Cd. WOW!! WHAT a treat! Absolute top notch playing. From the song selection, arangements, and production, to the finger twisting chordbassline melody playing, it is just a seminar on taste and feel.
Every song has something to catch your ear. If its not a cool reharmonization or chord sub, its a syncopated bassline, or flawlessly executed bell like harmonic excursion. Not a single moment of wanking, or internet like self indulgent flash. "We Three Kings" and "Little drummer boy" had the tears in my eyes and gave me goosebumps all over. I have lisetend to it about 6-7 consecutive times, and every song STILL catches me with something unique. Obviously, Duffman put a LOT of time and effort into this, and it was WELL worth it.
You are the man Duffy! You should be EXTREMELY proud of the entire project. It is one of my favorite Christmas Cds, and I will be enjoying it every single year I am on this earth. Everyone NEEDS a copy of this. This guy is a TOTAL profesional, and world class playermusician.
Thanks Bro!" ////////
Location: willits, northern CA
"I bought the CD the moment Duffy put the clip up here. What a player!!!It's playing right now!!! Oh my!! It's sooooo good. I'll be placing a large order for xmas presents. jon"///////
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
"Listening now! Awesome work Duffy. Loved the Ted Green tone! Thanks a lot!! Scott"///////
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen " even Scrooge would like. If you make an encore CD next year Duffy, count me in !!"///// "I got mine last week, slipped it into the "Holiday Music" selection my wife is fond of playing during this season. She dug it, my kids dug it and I am now a HUGE Duffy fan. It is just gorgeous stuff, well played and arranged... Scott Peterson"

"Dear Duffy, this is a rather facinating release- a one-man-and-an-electric-guitar album of Christmas carols! I hope to get your album in timefor Christmas; it's that good! Brook Crowley" >////
"Duffy, as the cd started spinning in my jeep. i thought ..."what a kewl idea" the magic that you had captured was that of your own style, which in this day and age seems to be lost at times. the guitar playing was supurb (harmonic notes) were very well placed . i will enjoy this cd for many years to come. thank you! regards, brian hamilton bananastudios, bobcaygeon,ont. ">//////// "Dear Duffy, I've been hearing about you for sometime from my friend Lorie. When Lorie came down to Florida during the holiday she brought your solo guitar CD to me. I absolutely love it!! Your style reminds me of Lee Rittenour(whom I've loved for a longtime.) Your interpretations of the Christmas songs are soothing yet entertaining. I look forward to hearing more of your music." ////////// "Duffy, I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your Solo Guitar Christmas Album. Your mom sent one to me and it has been my favorite record during the holiday season. I've played it for all my family and they join me in thanking you for such a memorable music experience. Janice Donnelly" //////////// "Hi Duffy, Your cd sounds great! larry barris" ///////////////"Duffy, your CD is quickly becoming my favorite Christmas music. Thank you. Lorie LaGalo>" ////////////////// "Duffy, you are one fabulous Guitar Player-Man you did one hell of a job on this Cd. I Love It!!! You are, without a doubt one of the best Guitar Players around. Sincerely, Simone Vital" /////////////// "Hi Duffy, I read about your CD in the Straitsland so I hurried up and bought it. I absolutely love it. All the kids like it too. I have been playing it all morning in my classes at ILHS and tell them all about you. Have a nice Christmas. Mrs. H"
Various emails, internet posts and reviews. (2009)

Bugs Beddow Band "Smokin Live" CD reviews

USA - BUGS BEDDOW BAND: „Smokin‚ Live‰
Great Lakes Music-Recorded at Memphis Smoke, Royal Oak, Michigan on the 30th August 2002,this Live CD is a very enjoyable release from the 2002 Detroit Music Awards Best R&B Band.
Commencing with Diggin‚ On James Brown in the style you would expect, this track sets the mood for the rest of this lively CD album. Continuing with Lowdown, a funky five minutes of enjoyable soul/blues, this brilliant band start to warm up the crowd before their close interpretation of BB King and Eric Clapton‚s Riding With The King. This laid back version has great harmony vocals and includes a very special saxophone solo from James Morse. Following James‚ solo comes a superb guitar solo from Duffy King, who incidentally produced this CD .
Another Funky Blues with Soul number by the name of Ain‚t Doin‚ Too Bad features a nice guitar intro, truly excellent vocals then follows with a superb saxophone solo followed by an equally excellent trombone solo from the band leader bugs Beddow. The track is some seven and a half minutes long, and has some spontaneous band interaction, including an impromptu trombone „Purple Haze‰ theme followed by Duffy King keeping in the Hendrix mindset with a mellow Jimi influenced passage. This is a very enjoyable CD so far.
As the next track, Once You Get The Taste, progresses you could be forgiven for thinking that The B52‚s were guesting! The funky rhythm guitar, the brass section and the vocal harmonies make this a superb track. The guitar solo is also worthy of note as is the trombone solo on this song. This type of Funk/Soul/Blues is really enjoyable to listen to.
The enigmatic Irishman, Van Morrison couldn‚t have performed Domino any better than the bugs Beddow band have done it on this CD. It‚s a great song and this band show their credentials as they perform it. A great inclusion to the set, without question. Moving on from the Irishman‚s song to the style of a soul great, Mr James Brown comes Soul Mine. With more funky guitar under the brass-dominated track, it is a real pleasure to listen to.
More rhythm and blues material in the guise of I'm Ready (Ready as anybody can be) sees the band canter rhythmically through this R&B staple for the next ten minutes! This is no chore however; it‚s more pure enjoyment with some more meritable trombone and saxophone solos coupled to a very tasteful guitar of Duffy King. The rhythm section of percussionist Jim Pryor and the subtle bass of Glenn Olds do an excellent job throughout this song and indeed throughout the concert.
The tenth number in the set Don't Change Horses is another track rich in rhythm. This is followed by the popular 1970‚s song, Lowrider! Sounds like bugs is playing a flute on the theme riff. Just where the ultra low-pitched vocals are coming from, who knows, but it‚s a good song. The vocal harmonies are brilliant too.
The closing number on this CD is a version of Carlos Santana‚s Smooth, the popular song from the Latino guitar virtuoso. It‚s a fine tribute to the San Francisco guitarist/composer. The song is a success and has all the ingredients necessary- good vocals and rhythm, accurate guitar, and the brass section. It‚s a shame the CD has to end there, as it is without a doubt a great party kind of record. These musicians make up another good-time band. This live CD showcases just how much so. It‚s little wonder they have been awarded the Detroit Music Award, as they are a superb showband. This is an excellent CD to listen to, it‚s upbeat and is unquestionably enjoyable. This band is probably a real-life Blues Brothers Band, that‚s how they come across, - absolutely brilliant!
'Blues Matters!' Magazine London, England issue No.14 June 2003 Alan Pearce - MD & Editor
The 2002 and 2003 Detroit Music Award winners for Best R&B Band return with another live chronicle. Smokin' Live (Great Lakes Music) from bugs Beddow Band was recorded August 30, 2002 at one of metro Detroit’s most fun nightspots, Memphis Smoke. The establishment features southern cuisine and is one of those places to see and be seen at. Unlike their 1997 live CD, this one has superior sound, thanks to the production of flamboyant guitarist/vocalist Duffy King. He captures the band’s powerhouse dynamics and non-stop partying via 70 minutes of 12 loud, high-energy covers. It's a cross-section of dance tunes, pop tunes and blues from the likes of John Hiatt, James Cotton, Van Morrison and Santana. As the disc progresses, you will find yourself turning up the volume and moving more and more body parts. At the core remain the accomplished and seasoned horns with bugs (trombone, flute, vocals) and James Morse (sax), in addition to mainstay Jim Pryor (drums, vocals). Bass playing Glenn Olds is the group’s newcomer having joined just weeks prior to this recording. "Diggin’ On James Brown" hits you where you live with an energetic sax solo. There is fuzzy and funky guitar on "Lowdown." On it, bugs’ flute goes techno-pop by producing sounds you’d expect from a synthesizer. Later, on "Ain’t Doin’ Too Bad," he uses his trombone to test the building’s seismic readiness by blowing notes that rumble. Then Duffy burns his strings to a red hot flame while being egged on by the pumping horns. Next, all the artists get a chance to solo on this blistering barn-burner. No one can sit still through "Domino," with its sexy and jazz inflicted sax. Here, Duffy plays quick hillbilly picking, then transitions his solo into incredibly fast fret-blazing rock guitar which releases a sonic boom. This band gives it all they got. They play for their audience and know what their audience wants. Each contains a catchy rhythm, pulsing horns and ripping guitar. These modern day Blues Brothers are rooted in the blues and are rich in R&B. If you are looking for an R&B celebration with super-charged brass and guitar, this is one party you won’t want to miss.
tim holek - blues bytes (May 1, 2004)